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Hard Drive Destruction in Taunton

Hard drives and electronic media hold a thousand times more information than a folder of paper- and they're easy to steal or conceal. To make sure that your Taunton company's critical business information isn't leaked to an identity thief or corporate spy, it's vital to ensure your hard drives are completely destroyed and 100% unrecoverable before they leave your possession.

Taunton Paper Shredding also offers hard drive and electronic media shredding servicesNot only are there state and federal laws that carry hefty fines if personal information is revealed, deleting files isn't sufficient enough to destroy the information.

Physically destroying the hard drive is one of the only sure-fire ways to ensure your information isn't going to be leaked. Taunton Paper Shredding offers secure hard drive destruction options that can be done onsite or at a secure plant. The more precautions you take, the less chance your company will be in the news for providing personal information to unsavory folks.

Hard drive destruction ensures the complete protection of all electronic data. Today, society is continuing to shift to an online platform. Therefore, it is critical to know the importance of hard drive shredding. Over the year, valuable and confidential information was stored on the drive. Without proper destruction, the data can still be recovered.

There are mainly three reasons why hard drive shredding is a better solution.

  1. Security: there is a focus on keeping data secure through the whole process. The process complies with regulations, such as HIPAA, and maintaining clear form of confidentiality.
  2. Time Efficiency: the process focuses on your needs, so you can drop off your hard drives or, depending on local providers, simply have someone come pick them up.
  3. Cost: The entire process is easy and affordable. Most hard drive shredding services cost about $4-$12 per drive. The cost incurred go towards completely covering electronic assets.

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